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We work with clients large-and-small to make their projects — and our world — a better place. If you have a project or work on a team that could use some help, let us know how we can help.


Built to simplify corporate legal processes, Shoobx supports the entire lifecycle of a company — from inception to the growing complexity of a cap table, rounds of financing, and the requirements leading up to an exit.


Bootstrap makes learning math and computer science easy for grade-school students. With a simplified curricula and a dedication making adoption easy, Bootstrap was designed from the ground-up to make learning fun.

Open Source

We ♥ open source and passionately contribute to a number of important projects. If you’re working on an open source project that could use our help, let us know.


A library for making functional languages editable using visual blocks inside of CodeMirror


A non-profit dedicated to expanding education and access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color.


A handlebars template loader for webpack.

About Carduner

We’re a small-but-mighty development consultancy with over a decade of experience under our belts. We’re passionate, hungry, and dedicated to building a more open, reliable web.

What We Do

We build the web sites and applications you rely on using a whole slew of technologies- we especially ♥ Python and JavaScript- and provide guidance on managing development teams and building engaging products.

Paul Carduner

Paul’s built products for a huge range of teams; from industry-giants like Facebook, to the open source projects you depend on. When not behind a monitor, Paul can be found on a mountain traversing the Pacific Northwest.


We like to share what we learn with our fellow geeks and nerds. From development best practices to crafting a student portfolio, this is the place where we spill our guts.

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Our pixels are beautifully crafted with pride in Seattle, Washington; the tech-hub of the Pacific Northwest.